You too can enjoy the games at domino qiuqiu

About this game

Qiuqiu also named as kiukiu is a game which is of form dominoes popular. It is famous in Indonesia. To enjoy the games at domino qiuqiu you need to learn about what the game is about

Know how to play

In this game, players have to pay fixed ante in pot which is dealt with 3 cards of dominos. After the evaluation of the cards each of the player have to make a bet, a call, a raise or a fold, which is a necessary step, no one cannot escape.

If there is only one bet maker in first round, the game is to be ended and the one who makes bet is allowed to carry the pot and take away the amount in it certainly without showing his cards. And if more than one player makes bet then the players who didn’t fold have to deal with fourth card. After that follows the final or can say the second round of betting. It is to be noted that with the increase in the levels of rounds higher limits re to be set by the players while betting. Both the rounds including first and second, as the betting is done are subjected to certain limits.

enjoy the games at domino qiuqiu

After the final betting round, each player who has not yet made folds has to reveal his cards and finally declare hands. Under this case the player with highest hands is allowed to takes the pot.

There are 3 hands which have been given special value and ranking in the following order:

  • High
  • Low
  • 4 doubles

Here, is a website to play kiukiu

So, there is a website or web application or you may even call it software which you can use to play this game. The software is very reliable and worthy to play on. It will provide you all basic knowledge if you are new player. Just all you need to do is to get registered to the website by creating your account which you will be suing to play while you create an account on this website you will also have to kink your financial account which you will be using for making bets and if you win during the game that account will be credited with that stipulated amount of money.

If you are a layman user, still you can enjoy the games at domino qiu qiu. To download thisapp and get register to it is very easy. They also have a customer care panel which is 24*7 available to serve you with all possible details and advices while you are playing games.

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