Bola gelinding : rolling ball game

Every once in life we plan on playing the rolling ball game but the need that we feel to be in person when the game is being played otherwise we will lose the fun. This bola gelinding betting game online solves all our problems at once. We don’t have to be in person at a casino to play this game and we will not even miss the fun because this online version of the game is as entertaining as the one you play in person.

There is ring throw game where all what you have to do is just picking a random number from 1 to 12 which are available in red and black. The dealer at the table will roll the ball on the boards and when the ball stops in a color/number, the color/number stated wins the bet.

It’s very easy to play this game all that you need to consider is the betting rules. There are many things like betting odds, 50-50 odds.

  • For each bet that you place on 1 digit 11x of that value is what you are doing
  • For 2 numbers are given 5.5 times of the bet
  • 4 points are paid with 2.5 times the value of your bet
  • The lines are paid with 2.75 times the value of the bet with columns being paid with 3.6 times the bet you made.
  • If you are lucky enough to win the jackpot it will be paid with 45 times the value of your bet.

 About 50-50 odds:

If you play at odds and that’s a victory you are given at the end with 5% of tax being deducted

With the advancement in the online betting system your money will be deposited and can be withdrawn in friction of minutes, making it realistically possible for you to avoid any delay in your entertainment. Everything goes hand in hand with the best customer support and being the best service provided over the phone. These things add purity to the game making it a must try one.


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