Being strong enough to say NO

When you play the games of lottery it is very important to practice the art of telling no. Because during the games of gambling there will come many occasions when you have to tell in negative with emphasis lest you will be bled dry by your friends and the associates. Here let us discuss some no’s situations which you may have to face in course of the games.

The ability to tell no

  1. When you win a jackpot the first thing which you come across is the appearance of in numerous well wishers and friends whom you may not even remember. They will apply all the lubricating skills available in their arsenal to impress you. Take it for sure that their aim is not only to appease you but to hold on to the money or part of it which you have own in the วิธี ดู หวย At this moments if you try to play gentle then you are lost. Don’t feel shy to tell a emphatic no to all such people even if the individual is quite close to you. There are instances of many jackpot winners who have gone bankrupt as they allow themselves to sway in the felicitations of their friends. The free load friends, relatives, girls, neighbours and all others are only there to bleed you all dry.
  2. Then there is an enemy inside your mind to whom also you have to have the guts to tell an emphatic no. This is the greed and temptations hidden in your mind. This gets activated when you lose the budgeted amount in the lottery games. It will tell you to wager again and this time you are going to win. It will tell you to not lose hope. After all this is a game of chances and you must take chances. Don’t retreat in the face of defeats. Telling no to this temptation is the most difficult thing that you have to face. But you have to tell it a confident no otherwise it will ruin you and your family.
  3. There can be very close friends and relatives who may ask your หวยออก and keep it with them. You may feel shy to get it back out of gentle feeling. Now if that ticket gets you a winning then take it for sure that you are not to get back the ticket. So tell an emphatic no to anybody however close to you and never part with your ticket till the Lottery results.

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