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When handling players with a high experience in online poker, one should take their strategies a notch higher. One needs to understand the moves used against them and devise better ways to counter them. Some of the concepts players should use in ​​situs judi online is based on:

Knowing a pot-committed player

A wise player should always be alert about the chip stalk of the opponent and whether or not they pot committed. A player being pot committed means that he or she has committed a large portion of his stack into the pot and is thus unlikely to fold. Players who have committed chips that amount to half of their total number considered pot committed.

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In this state, since the opponent cannot fold, there is no need for one to bluff. This state should serve as an opportunity for a player to relax their hand requirement a little since the opponent is betting with a weaker hand.

Knowing how to respond to a raise

A situation in which an opponent raises behind you is always hard to answer. Certain factors have to consider. These factors include the situation at the table as well as the size of the raise. In order to make a decision on whether to call a raise, certain factors should come to mind. These are:

  • Whether or not you came into the pot with a solid hand
  • The number of players that were in the pot when the raise came in. A raise against more players show greater strength than one against a single player.
  • The pots odds at play. You should be less willing to call a raise if the pot odds are not favorable.
  • The number of players who are yet to act. A raise from a player in early position signify and indicate more strength.
  • The aggressiveness of the raiser. If a raiser is more aggressive, the probability is that he or she is bluffing. Though it is not wise to assume this, it is highly likely.
  • Your stack. Are you willing to turn this opportunity down and wait for a far better opportunity to get your chips into the pot? Are you short stacked? You should consider these factors.

Time to up the stakes

Stake levels should not intimidate a player. They should make the player more cautious until they are used to these changes. It should be noted that the number of raises and bets increase with the increase in stake levels. At ​​situs judi online, the stakes at this level are also more.

The probability of facing better players in high stake levels high compared to low stake levels. This to an extent means that a slight mistake will have a big impact on your bankroll.

It is important to try to spot patterns and when an Opponent shows their hand, paying attention to every move and stepping back through all their actions and storing that information and using it to your advantage.

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