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How to Find the Best Poker Chips

Poker chips are probably the most important factor in creating the right atmosphere and feel for the poker game in your home.

Although you get a different quality of the cards, at the end of the day the cards are just cards. And although it would be nice to have a standard poker tournament table where you can play, you can use almost any old table. But you must get your chips well!

So, what is the difference between good and bad chips?

  1. Quality and weight

Quality is something that is difficult to determine, but you will know when you have a good game of poker chips in your hands. We are talking about the overall feel and weight of the chip (usually 11.5 g), a set of high-quality chips seems to be “correct”.

  1. Materials

Three standard materials are used to make poker chips: clay, plastic and plastic/clay. Although there are several affordable plastic chips of acceptable quality, plastic is usually the least preferred option. Plastic chips can be light, “click” and can fly suddenly on the table. The worst feeling, they just do not feel real.

Composite chips are a compromise, not as good as clay, but better than plastic. The plastic gives the chips greater strength and durability and will last longer than their clay counterparts. Composite chips can be very similar in texture and texture to clay chips. The clay tiles are, of course, Rolls Royce poker chips, they feel very good and they work very well. They are what the chips should be.

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  1. Stacking

We are all big kids in the shower, and we like the fact that our chips look like they do on TV! This means that they must fold correctly and not fall everywhere. Clay shavings are obviously the best for this, since the clay material makes it almost impossible to stack the chips improperly. At the other end of the scale, the light plastic chips fall constantly and you do not have to worry, you’ll be very upset!

Of course, there are practical aspects to the correct disposition of your chips, it is not easy to pose and look like a professional poker player. First of all, if your chips are accumulated, you can immediately see how much money you have and, more importantly, how much your opponents have. If the chips are everywhere, you will spend half your time counting them and skip the action on the table. Another reason is the space of the table, if your chips are distributed everywhere, you will need a larger table!

So, where do you buy poker chips? 

There are many online poker shops, and most of them are very reliable and convenient. I do not know about you, but I do not have a poker accessory store near where I live, so buying online is the only way that most people can go. Of course, you can do worse than on eBay, the last time I looked, there were more than 9000 lists in Poker Online chips”.


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